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Audio Mastering Services

Mixing and mastering are the most important processes if you want to get a professional track.

These days, we have easy access to a plenty of DAWs, plugins, sample packs and recording equipment, and there is a lot of information out there about how to produce, mix and mastering; artists can easily create their own songs in a modest home studio, even without spending money, but you know how complex it can be to get them sounding pro.

If you are thinking of showing your music to the world and distributing it in any physical format or streaming platform, you should resort to a professional that provide dedicated solutions to get a final high quality sound.

In Studio DTF, we provide 3 different professional mixing and mastering services. Whatever your choice, you’ll get a final top quality master; all our music mastering services, constantly renewing, use the most advanced techniques on mixing and mastering. We provide mastering for streaming and cd mastering services as well.

Take a look, in detail, learn more and find the service that best suits your needs:

mastering basic

A single audio file is edited until a professional sound is achieved. This audio file contains all the stems of your track.

stem mastering

This method is halfway between mix and mastering process. We work with several audio files that contain the sum of all your stems.

mixing and mastering service

We take all the elements of your track individually and mix them all together in a coherent balance stereo file ready for mastering.

We bring your music to life!

We help artists, musicians and labels anywhere in the world and with any type of budget, whether they are amateurs or professionals, to achieve the professional finish that their music deserves.

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional, if you make music in your humble home studio, if music is your dream, your hobby or your profession, either way, we offer you the possibility of getting a quality and professional song prepared for clubs, streaming services and any type of distribution, physical or digital.

To achieve the result you expect, we use all the experience acquired over more than 15 years, applying efficient and innovative mixing and mastering techniques.

Here you will find the closeness, dedication, experience and passion of our entire team. You will find the most affordable prices and the possibility of obtaining a quality master, no matter where you live, since our online service reaches all over the world.

We do what we do for the love of music, because it is our philosophy of life.

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Option 2: Meet David (Owner & Chief Engineer)

You can contact us and let us know if you have any doubt about your project or our Mastering Services. We’ll transfer your doubts to David, Studio DTF owner & Chief Engineer. He will review your project and contact you directly to resolve any questions you may have about it. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and confident before requesting any of our mastering services.

Several options are available to contact us. Choose the most comfortable for you. David will get back to you shortly:

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You can also reach Studio DTF by email.

David, Owner & Chief Engineer, will contact you directly to resolve any questions you may have.

Feel free to contact David and introduce yourself. Explain all the doubts you may have; he will gladly solve them as soon as possible.

Send email: david@studiodtf.com

mixing mastering chief engineer

Meet David

David was born in Córdoba, Spain, in September 1976. He is a hardened music-lover, restless since he was a child by electronic music. He always takes his profession as a way of life, understanding music in all its areas.

At 17 years old, he starts his career as dj, sharing sets with Henry Saiz, Marc Marzenit, Alex Under, Cora Novoa, Jose Luis Magoya and Juanjo Martín among others important djs and producers.

In 2011, music production become an essential part of his life, exploring new techniques and getting all the basic and needed knowledge in search of a professional sound for his own productions. At the end of 2012, he begins to produce, mix and master tracks full time.

From that time until now, he has been working as a ghost producer and mixing and mastering engineer for several labels and individuals. He has published countless sample and loops packs in Beatport Sounds, ADSR, Sample Magic and other labels, getting several tops in individuals genres and General Tops.

In 2020, he launches Studio DTF with the aim to provide innovative sample packs and dedicated solutions to producers and labels and a professional mixing and mastering service, and make his specialized knowledge available to all his clients all over the world.

Why Online Mixing and Mastering Services?

Music production is easy, even more if you have an inspired day, but mixing and mastering doesn’t come easy to everyone. It’s difficult to make the decision to hire online mixing and mastering services that help you, but there are three main reasons to do it:

  • Because you have worked hard on your productions and your music deserves a professional finish.
  • Because getting your project mixed and mastered by Studio DTF will be educational, especially if you’re a newcomer. You can ask us how we treat your songs and learn from the experience of our engineers.
  • Because it’s cheaper than a face-to-face studio.

Like you, in Studio DTF also work with a lot of effort and passion for music. We are always investigating new technology in order to offer you the best sound and innovative techniques on mixing and mastering. And we’re always in touch with you while we process your music.

Best Mixing and Mastering Services

Every day, we test and research new ways of processing music, and when we find something that helps us achieve an even better sound, we implement and adapt it to our workflow. We’re always trying to improve our services in search of them being the best mixing and mastering services online.

mixing and mastering services

Something that characterizes us is the great flexibility that we offer our clients when hiring our services. You have many options to contact us and ask any questions you have about your project. We will gladly respond to you until you feel confident enough to hire any of our services.

Mixing and Mastering Electronic Music

Studio DTF is a studio focus on electronic music mixing and mastering services. We have more than 15 years of experience mixing and mastering only electronic music genres, so you can be sure our method will make your tracks sound like the one you hear on the radio or at nightclubs.

audio mastering services

Most of the projects we receive falls into the hip hop, techno, house, tech house and edm genres, but we work with any genre belonging to electronic music, understanding “any genre” as any within this list: List of electronic music genres.

Mixing and Mastering Prices

We can affirm that we are the cheapest online Mixing and Mastering Service. You will not find a better quality sound for your project at a lower price. Our intention is to offer services that are available to anyone, from recognized artists and labels to beginners.

best mixing and mastering services

How much does mastering cost?

If you are looking for cheap and affordable mixing and mastering services, you are in the right place.

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