Mixing and Mastering Portfolio

Below, you can hear examples before and after mixing and mastering at Studio DTF. They should give you a good idea of what mastering is and how it affects a track.

Pay attention to the key points to focus on to hear the differences between the mastered and unmastered versions:

  • Annoying resonances.
  • Muddy mix.
  • Definition, clarity, punch and presence of all the stems.
  • Clearer and more open stereo image.
  • Thick, dynamic and well-defined low end.
  • More force and presence midrange.
  • Smooth, dynamic and open top end.
  • Homogeneous and cohesive mix.
  • Control of rebel frequencies.
  • Transient shaping.
  • Phase cancellations.

The human ear tends to hear better what sounds louder, so we have matched LUFS to avoid wrong comparisons. It’s important to listen with a good pair of headphones or reference monitors to best hear the differences.