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Immediately after payment, you’ll get a detailed guide to send us your tracks, and your Mastering Engineer will contact you by email.

Your music is kept 100% confidential!

This method is halfway between mixing process and mastering process. We work with several audio files that contain the sum of all your stems. As a result, the mastering engineer has much greater freedom in terms of edition, achieving a higher quality master, ready for clubs, streaming services and digital, CD and vinyl distribution. It will grow in definition, punch, body and presence, important and essential features of any good master. Your music will sound solid, homogeneous and distinctive.

Full Details

You’ve finished your song. Now What?

Immediately after payment, you’ll be redirected to download a detailed guide to know how to send us your audio files. An email will be sent to the email address you’ve provided. Inside, you will also find your guide, and you will meet your Mix and Mastering Engineer. If you wish, you will be in touch with him in case you have any question or need to talk about your mastering specifications.

Once we have received your files, we will check that everything is in order, and we’ll get back to you to confirm that your files are ready for the mastering process. As soon as we finished your project, you’ll receive an email containing all your mastered files.

Option 2:

Before you order your Mastering Service, you can contact us and let us know if you have any doubt or question about your project or our Mastering Services. The aim is to make you feel comfortable and safe before order our Mastering Service.

Several options are available to contact us. Choose the most comfortable for you. We’ll get back to you shortly:

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You can also reach Studio DTF by email.

David, Owner & Chief Engineer, will contact you directly to resolve any questions you may have.

Feel free to contact David and introduce yourself. Explain all the doubts you may have; he will gladly solve them as soon as possible.

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Sending the files

After order the Stem Mastering Service, you will receive a detailed guide with all the steps you must follow to send us your stems:

  • Split your track into 8 stems and bounce them separately (WAV/AIFF files of 24BITS/44.1KHz):
    1. Kick
    2. Bass/Subass
    3. Low percussions (snares, claps, rimshots, toms, congas, timbals…)
    4. High percussions (hihats, shackers, tambourines, triangles…)
    5. Low synths (slow attack: pads, strings, pianos…)
    6. High synths (fast attack: plucks, leads, guitars…)
    7. Vocals
    8. Fxs
  • If any process (compression, EQ, reverb, delay…) have been applied to your stems, you must keep it ON.
  • Remove whatever plugin you used on your master bus. Master bus must be clear of any process.
  • The maximum peak of your stems must not exceed -3dB. Make sure there is no clipping at any time.
  • Bounce your entire track in a single audio file. Just for reference.
  • You must include a text file specify an email contact address. If you wish, feel free to introduce yourself as well, and write a few notes explaining in detail some indications for your master (EQ, over compression, dynamic range, LUFS…). We’d love to hear from you!
  • Pack all in a .zip or .rar file and send it over to using Wetransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive or any similar platform.

Once we have received your files, we will check that everything is in order, and we’ll get back to you to confirm that your files are ready for the mastering process.

What will you get?

As soon as your master is finished, you will receive an email with the next audio files:

  • Your original premaster.
  • Master01.wav (16bits and dithering).
  • Master02.wav (24bits, no dithering and -12LUFS*).
  • Master03.mp3 (320kbps, no dithering).
  • Master04.mp3 (320kbps, no dithering and -12LUFS*).

* -12LUFS: these versions are optimized to be used in streaming services such as YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music… Streaming services normalize the audio around -12LUFS, so it is impractical to compress and limit an audio file above these -12LUFS, since the streaming service itself will eventually normalize it to this standard. These versions are less compressed, resulting in a much wider dynamic range and superior audio quality.

Delivery time

The delivery time will normally be around 24-48 hours after receiving your audio files and payment. The arrival of the payment will always depend on the chosen payment method, bank policies and local laws, and may be delayed up to 48 hours in some cases.

Although it will always depend on the volume of pending projects.

What payment methods are accepted?

payment methods

We accept major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club and JCB.

Our methodology

We are constantly renewing our technology in order to offer our customers the best sound and the most advanced techniques on mixing and mastering.

Our main goal is to get a thick, dynamic and well-defined low end, a smooth, dynamic and open top end, and a more compressed midrange, with more force and presence. We avoid over-compressing the entire frequency range. We look for dynamism and clarity in your music, even if you wish a very loud and over-compressed track.

Find out the key points we always work in the process of a Stem Mastering at Studio DTF:

  • Inspection for annoying digital clicks and resonances.
  • Mid/side frequency range correction by subtractive and dynamic linear phase equalization.
  • Top quality mid/side compression and expansion.
  • Top quality color EQ to shape the frequency spectrum.
  • Top quality mid/side linear phase saturation and harmonic content.
  • Linear phase multiband compression to fully control of rebel frequencies and add dynamism to low end and top end.
  • Parallel compression.
  • Final top quality Baxandall EQ curves to enhances the source’s sonic character and get a natural wide and open sound.
  • Transient shaping.
  • Tape saturation.
  • Clipping and limiting.
  • Gain automation in the different sections of your song (intro, pre-verse, verse, build, drop…) to control the amount of incoming signal in the compressors, clipper and limiter, obtaining a more dynamic song according to its sections.
  • Stereo/mono and phase compatibility check to avoid phase cancellations.

Check out our portfolio to hear comparisons between unmastered tracks and their versions mastered in Studio DTF:

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